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Made from flexible, plastic mesh to allow air circulation, Shoofly Leggins™ are easy to attach, comfortable to wear and will not sag due to their unique sewn-in plastic stays.
And it’s patented!


✔ Chemical free

✔ Sewn-in, durable plastic stays prevent sagging

✔ Easy-to-use heavy-duty Velcro fasteners

✔ Prevents painful bites from flies and other biting insects, reducing leg stress from stomping

✔ Prevents Botflies from laying eggs causing hoof damage

✔ Decreases healing time of abrasions and wounds by allowing air flow

✔ Does not restrict blood flow or range of motion

✔ 100% Manufacturer’s Guarantee

EZ Pasture Gate

Place EZ Pasture Gate over brace post with the brack-et on the far side from gate and secure with two nails.
It’s the EZ!

Opening of the EZ Pasture Gate approximately fits an 8in diameter fence post.


Active Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) Products

ClO2A recent technological breakthrough allows the powerful yet very safe antiseptic/antimicrobial known as Chlorine Dioxide to be delivered as a gas to a targeted area. These products are quite possibly the fastest antimicrobial available – killing bacteria, yeast, fungi, and virus within 5 minutes in vitro – yet are non-toxic, non-mutagenic and totally harmless to normal healthy tissue.

In addition, our ClO2 based products all possess strong anti-inflammatory properties via oxidation of free radicals and eliminate harmful cytokines (chemicals that the body releases in response to a wound or infection). Deactivation of cytokines reduces pain, irritation and scarring.

Please note that the chlorine dioxide is in a suspension. The low parts per million of chlorine dioxide in these products makes these products safe to use and non-toxic to healthy tissue yet still has the strength to destroy a broad spectrum of infectious agents. Years of scientific research went into these products before they were released to be manufactured and sold.


SureFlexx Adhesive Bandages

A unique bandage at an aggressive price, made to exacting specifications.

SureFlexx is a product with decades of experience with the most modern and precision manufacturing available today.

4 inch tape available by the box of 18 rolls or by the case of 216 rolls


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