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VETARTᵀᴹ Vaccinators

VetArt Vaccinators are state of the art vaccinators made according to the highest Worldwide standard Materials are medically classified and produced according to ISO standards.

Vaccinators are built with the patent pending unique “Squeeze Before You Dial” adjustment system. This smart design allows for easy dose adjustment and avoids adjustment during use.

The VetArt applicators have a unique design. This system takes you to the next level of animal health applicators. The applicators are user friendly, easy to squeeze and have an optimal view to the needle.

The VetArt applicators are designed for “Multi Use” due to its unique multiple system. The VetArt applicators can be used with small or larger bottles. Switch from Bottle Mount to Tube Feed for larger bottles for more comfort and better ergonomics.

The VetArt applicators are made of medical and high temperature resistant material. Materials are compatible with chemicals, autoclavable, durable and almost unbreakable.


Bottle Mount

Product # 8303 – Syringe .3m Bottle Mount
Product # 8305 – Syringe .5m1 Bottle Mount
Product # 8301 – Syringe 1m1 Bottle Mount
Product # 8302 – Syringe 2m1 Bottle Mount
Product # 8306 – Syringe 6m1 Bottle Mount

middle bottle mount

Middle Bottle Mount Back

Product # 8501 – Syringe 1m1 Mid Bottle Mount Back
Product # 8502 – Syringe 2m1 Mid Bottle Mount Back
Product # 8506 – Syringe 6m1 Mid Bottle Mount Back
Product # 8510 – Syringe 10m1 Mid Bottle Mount Back
Product # 8515 – Syringe 15ml Mid Bottle Mount Back

tube feed back

Tube Feed Back

Product # 8701 – Syringe 1m1 Feed Tube Back
Product # 8702 – Syringe 2m1 Feed Tube Back
Product # 8706 – Syringe 6m1 Feed Tube Back
Product # 8710 – Syringe 10m1 Feed Tube Back
Product # 8715 – Syringe 15m1 Feed Tube Back

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